Anueue Ho’a 13 Chakra Essences

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Anueue Ho'a Family of Essences

chakra being graphicThese Synergy Essences were guided and co-created by Noella Roselena and the Anuenue Ho’a Nature Spirits on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each essence was decocted in Hamakua Coast Spring Water, Hawaiian Rain Water, Pacific Ocean Water or a combination of each. They each consist of a variety of flowers and various gifts of nature like rocks, gems, sand or seashells.

In establishing these essences Noella learned about the 13 synergies or “chakras”(energy centers in the body) from the Anuenue Ho’a Hawaiian Nature Spirits. The Rainbow Light chakras are the length of one’s palm hand and run like a strand of beads from above the head to below the sacrum, all right next to each other. Each one of the remedies ‘home’ is in one of these energy points but they work all through out the etheric body in balancing and re-programming healthy energetic patterns.

The 13 Chakra Anuenue Ho’a Synergy Essences came into existence to assist humanity in its current state to rebalance and reconnect with themselves, with each other, with the earth and heavens (cosmos).

Detailed below is one interpretation of the way that the Anuenue Ho’a Synergy Essences can assist or heal. Let these words yet not hinder or constrict what each individual can receive or experience from them. It is most likely everyone’s relationship with them with vary but there is a common thread joining them all together.

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  1. Earth CosmosEarth Cosmos
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    To encounter ones connection with the earth and cosmic forces. Helps one feel connected to the Earth; therefore it can be very expansive essence. It helps one reestablish feelings of belonging here on earth, or in contrary help balance one that feels they are better than others on this earth plane (perhaps cause their spiritual practices or beliefs).
  2. Pele's Mexico firePele’s Mexico Fire
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    This essence is full of heat and passion. It can be helpful to burn away old feelings, habits, and thought forms, or reestablish or replenish energy forces. Can assist to help rise one’s energy or chi. Helps one move out of levels of stagnation on physical, emotional, or mental plane.
  3. Blooming Night n’ GaleBlooming Night n’ Gale
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    This is an elegant essence to help clear confusion especially in sexuality or intimate relationships. It has the grace of sacred sexuality and bringing forth the awareness of the spiritual and sexual fusion. It can help balance one’s sexual energy, either raising it or lowering it depending upon what that person needs.
  4. Freedom of FireFreedom of Fire
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    This essence is good to help shine one’s true self, and honor self-expression. It helps one to let go of judgment directed at the self or others, and be unafraid to express. This essence can raise one’s energy in a work place or ignite fire in a performance.
  5. Clearly ReceivingClearly Receiving
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    Helps one see their life path, or life works. It helps purify and clarify the Will enabling one to do their earth works. It helps balance the giving and receiving energies of the Will. Can help one able to be calm, relive stress, especially if their stress is coming from pushing to hard.
  6. Lion HeartLion Heart
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    Helps connect the heart and will so that one is doing their works out of love. Helps one enjoy their work more or work from a positive place. It also helps one release energy or emotion that is preventing their actions from being loving.
  7. ImplodeImplode
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    This is an essence for the heart center. It helps one come into balance and center, equalizing energies of giving and receiving. It allows one to experience love or life, and let it come into their being rather than pushing it all away.
  8. Pahoa NightsPahoa Nights
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    Assists one to be in their higher space if there are energies around them they do not vibe with. Helps one to open their heart, and connect their heart and voice to communicate through love. Can increase one’s sensitivity.
  9. Singing BirdSinging Bird
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    Helps open the throat, raise energies, live in joy, and take back personal power of speech and voice: a power of grace…. the power of a singing bird.
  10. OracleOracle
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    Enhances senses and opens ones awareness—increasing ones awareness through intuition, sight, sound, taste, touch, and hearing.
  11. Kumu AinaKumu Aina
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    Kumu Aina means Earth Wisdom or Wisdom of the Earth. It is to help one be more receptive of earthy knowledge. It is also a grounding essence for scattered, flighty or unclear thoughts, and helps to clear ones mind and strengthen ones intuition.
  12. Purple SkiesPurple Skies
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    Opens the Crown Chakra. Opens ones mind to the cosmic knowledge of the universe. Helps assist one’s faith or trust in the universe. Reminds one of the magic of life.
  13. Blessed TempleBlessed Temple
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    To honor the temple in all living things. In ones self in, in each other, in the earth and sky. Honors the temple of all things in life- in one’s body, home, work, or car. It is a very sweet, calming and reassuring essence.